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Residential Service

CPS provides customer-oriented plumbing and drain work. Please contact us for more information.


  • Auguring: Also known as Cabling or Snaking – A heavy-duty cable with a steel head on the end is mechanically pushed through the plugged sewer line to break up the obstruction.

    Hydro Jetting: High-pressure (up to 4200 psi) water cleaning for sewer lines up to 12” diameter. The water jet scrubs and removes grease.

    Root Intrusion Treatment: Hydro jetting and/or chemical treatment of storm and sanitary drains.

    Camera Inspection of Sewer Lines: A video cable with a remote camera inspects and records the inside condition of sewer lines. CPS can supply a DVD of the video inspection.

    Line Locates: The sewer camera has a remote locator that allows the operator to determine the exact location and depth of the line. This exact positioning saves time and allows accurate estimates.

    Leak Location: When the water meter is spinning, but there is no water apparent, it’s time to find the leaks. Leak detection is done by injecting gas into the water lines, then using the equipment to detect the gas leaks.


  • Broken Water Lines: Repair or replace broken water mains and sewer lines.

    Trenchless Line Repair: Water and sewer line repair and replacement that doesn’t destroy the landscape—no ditches. Instead of digging trenches, CPS can bore the sewer and water lines.

    Repair, Replace, and Maintain all existing plumbing systems:
    Sewer Lines
    Water Lines
    Water Heaters: Gas and electric
    Fixtures: Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, etc
    We carry all major brands of plumbing fixtures.


  • The best way to save money on plumbing and drain repairs is to provide regular maintenance of these systems. CPS will identify the client’s needs and recommend a maintenance schedule. Maintenance may include water and sewer line flushing, pressure valve inspection, camera inspection, etc. A broken water line can cost thousands of dollars in wasted water. A plugged sewer line can cause costly property damage and hours or days of inconvenience. Maintenance is the way to go.